My Top Five Love Songs

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am a HUGE romantic! In the past, I've proudly shown my love and appreciation to the woman I'd be involved with at that time. I'm currently single but I'm open to meeting someone and seeing what develops. But this is the season to love, to be in love and experience being loved by the most important people in your life. I strongly believe that Valentine's Day should be everyday, not one day. Now with that said here are my top five love songs. Each of these five songs have a very special meaning to me and have a personal connection.

1. Something - The Beatles

Many of you may know that I am a big fan of The Beatles. I've been in love with their music for the majority of my life. This particular song is my number one favorite love song because of not only the message of love but I sang this song at my best friends wedding in 2006.

2. My Love - Paul McCartney and Wings

Song numbers two and three are special to me because those are my two favorite songs by Sir Paul McCartney. I've designated these two songs to be played at my wedding, when I find a woman I want to marry,  on our first dance. It was very sweet how Sir Paul wrote this for his beloved Linda, and the message of love was very obvious. My favorite line of the song is, "When I go away, I know my heart will stay with my love."

3. Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney

I adore this song because it is amazing to be in love with someone and have it returned to you. It's about being with someone who makes YOU better personally and emotionally. Relationships take work, effort, laughter, communication and love. 

4. Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel

This classic is a beautiful expression of loving someone for who they are, good, bad and indifferent. Lady Gaga even mentioned it in her song "Bad Romance", "I want your ugly, I want your disease." But I digress. Loving someone for the individual they are is powerful as well as beautiful. Yes, you want your mate to be the best person they can be as long as they stay true to themselves.

"To thine own self be true" - Shakespeare  

5. If I Had A Gun - Noel Gallagher 

Don't be thrown off by the title but the song represents what we are willing to do for the person(s) we love. Gallagher's opening lyrics start, "If I had a gun, I'd shoot a hole into the sun, and love would burn this city down for you." The song is from his debut self-titled solo album. Gallagher has become a brilliant songwriter and he has the catalog to back it up since his days with Oasis (my favorite band second to The Beatles of course).

A Look Back on 2016: September

Featured Artists: 30Vice, Carly Jo Jackson, Ella Herrera, Raquel Sofia, Sight Set, Sunny South, Uma Galera, Ball and Chain Music Festival and Guitars Over Guns

Ok, now that the holidays are over, as well as end of year assignments of photographing bands have been completed, I can resume my 2016 Year in Review articles. This time around I'm featuring my favorite images from the month of September. I had the good fortune of photographing the Ball and Chain Music Festival for the second year in a row and I had such an incredible time.

I'm a big advocate of music education, especially in elementary, middle and high schools. Affiliations such as Guitars Over Guns is one of those organizations that I support because I strongly believe that Music and Art classes are important to child's cognitive development. There was a special performance in Miami which featured the Guitars Over Guns Alumni Band and Latin Grammy nominated artist Raquel Sofia.

During the month I had an opportunity to photograph some new artists in South Florida such as Ella Herrera, Sight Set and Sunny South. In addition to that, I also photographed recurring artists like Uma Galera, 30Vice, and Carly Jo Jackson. Enjoy the images!

Ball and Chain Music Festival
















Living Room Series

with Raquel Sofia and Guitars Over Guns Alumni Band






At Kill Your Idol

At Cutler Bay Sports Bar


A Look Back on 2016: August

Featured Artists: Anna Palmerola, Aura The Band, Carly Jo Jackson, Chantil Dukart, Chase The Jaguar, El B, Jahzel, Liza Quin, OIGO and Raquel Sofia

So we're now in the dog days of summer in beautiful Miami, outside of the heat and humidity of course, and the Miami Music Scene keeps getting hotter and hotter. I had the very good fortune of photographing Liza Quin in this month. If memory serves me correct, it had been at least six months (or more) since I captured her on camera. She is very special to me professionally. I attended my first Miami Flea during the month and the event featured the music of OIGO, Kids, Raquel Sofia and Aura the Band. Another highlight came when I photographed Cuban-born rapper El B as he did a show in Little Havana to promote his new album called "Luz". Other than that, enjoy the photos from August of this year.

Miami Flea





Anna Palmerola

At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami

At Bougies Bar

El B

Chantil Dukart

Carly Jo Jackson

Chase The Jaguar

At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami


Liza Quin

A Look Back on 2016: July

Featured Artists: Above The Skyline, Anna Palmerola, Bachaco, Carly Jo Jackson, Chantil Dukart, Chloe Dolandis, Feneiva, Jahfe, Juke, Ordinary Boys, Robbie Elias, Raquel Sofia, Sekond Nature, Suenalo, The Deltaz, and Uma Galera

The month of July was the busiest month for me in 2016 because of the number of artists I covered in Miami. There were three events where multiple artists performed respectively, and a tandem of brothers came back to Miami as part of their tour. There were new connections made with new artists and continued cultivating current ones. Enjoy the month of July!

It's Better Live

Robbie Elias

Raquel Sofia

Mau Y Ricky



BBQ at the Yard

Robby Hunter

Zach Deputy

Indie Music Showcase

Above The Skyline

Anna Palmerola

Carly Jo Jackson

At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami

At Titanic Brewery

At World of Beer - Kendall

Chantil Dukart

Chloe Dolandis


At Bodega