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A Look Back on 2016: March

Featured Artists: 30Vice, Anna Palmerola, Carly Jo Jackson, OIGO, Performers from Carnaval On The Mile and my Mum!

My third article focusing on the third month of 2016 was special one for me because my goal and passion of being the best music photographer I can be was reinforced tenfold. I was able to photograph some mind-blowing talent from the Carnaval On The Mile Festival in Coral Gables. I had the good fortune of taking images of repeated performers around the greater Miami area. Plus, I’ve included a special gallery of images of my mother. Grant it she’s not a performer but I wanted to include her anyway.


As stated previously, in the month of March, I had photographed solo artists and groups such as 30Vice, Anna Palmerola, OIGO and Carly Jo Jackson. It was such a privilege witnessing their musical evolution throughout this specific month. 30Vice, for example, had become such a perfectly polished band and the wood shedding they’ve done collectively was beginning to pay off. Nowadays, the gigs they’re doing are of better quality and are being seen by the right influencers for them. 

Anna Palmerola and Carly Jo Jackson

These two ladies are particularly special to me in my photographic evolution because of the numerous times I’ve photographed their respective performances. At the present time of this article, I’ve been there to photograph Palmerola 13 times (there is a 14th time but I have yet to post-process the photos, I do have a backlog of images by the way) and Jackson a grand total of 19 times. I’ve heard from numerous people about the importance of building and cultivating relationships with your client base. That concept couldn’t be further from the truth. I do have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for those ladies. I’m proud of both of them and am excited to see what 2017 hold for them.


I’ve known Adrian Gonzalez for the work he’s done with Suenalo. I was pleasantly surprised of his solo project called OIGO. The thing I admire most about Gonzalez is the musical talent he possesses, from his musical arrangements to his acumen on both the keyboards and guitar. He’s a true gentleman and when I was reviewing the images for this article, it dawned on me that we kind of resemble one another. I’ll let you be the judge. I’ve photographed him numerous times throughout 2016 both with Suenalo and with OIGO. I’m excited to capture more images of this impressive musical talent.

Carnaval On The Mile

I had such a blast photographing the performers at the annual Carnaval On The Mile Festival in Coral Gables, FL. Due to a prior commitment, I was able to capture the last three acts on the first day in front of the Heineken Stage. But I was able to be there all day Sunday to photograph the rest of the musical acts. There are two other stages placed at opposite ends of the famed “Miracle Mile” in Coral Gables but the Heineken Stage was set at the halfway point of the street. 

During that day and a half, the performances that stood out in my mind were: La Santa Cecilia, Raquel Sofia and Con Brio

La Santa Cecilia made the trip from my hometown of Los Angeles to the festival and they stole the show. The ensemble was absolutely mesmerizing with their songs and musicianship. Their musical vibe was soulful and passionate and very easy to groove to. The song that got me hooked as a fan was their bilingual version of The Beatles classic “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Their arrangement of that masterpiece made an immense impression on me and I mentioned that to them afterwards.

Raquel Sofia has an infectious personality and smile that can light up any venue in the world. The thing that strikes me most about Sofia is the relationship she has with her fans. In the handful of times I’ve photographed her, fanatics of Sofia’s music goes bonkers the moment she starts singing. You can hear the people sing along with her songs verbatim and generates such a loud pop from the crowd after every song. One of my goals for 2017 is to photograph one of her performances in her beloved Puerto Rico.

Con Brio is a San Francisco-based band with such personality and musical strength. I was happy to see the band during that weekend for two reasons: 1.) They were from California – my home state and 2.) they were all very personable and easy to talk to. The seven-member ensemble crushed their respective sets on the two days of the festival. Floridians got a taste of a band whose musical influences include Sly and the Family Stone. The band tours all over the world as well as the northern half of California.

Other Notable Performers:

Brendan O'Hara

Shamarr Allen


On a personal note, I included a short gallery of my Mum because I wanted to showcase her. We frequently go out on lunch dates and I do bring along my camera much to her dismay. At the time of those images, I had purchased the Sony RX100 mark 1 and I was getting acquainted with the camera. Over the length of the year, that little camera has come up HUGE! I can’t get enough of this camera and there have been times where I’ve only used that camera in lieu of my regular DSLR, the Canon 450D (Rebel XSi).

The month of April will be the point of focus for tomorrow’s article. But enjoy the images from March 2016!