A Look Back on 2016: August

Featured Artists: Anna Palmerola, Aura The Band, Carly Jo Jackson, Chantil Dukart, Chase The Jaguar, El B, Jahzel, Liza Quin, OIGO and Raquel Sofia

So we're now in the dog days of summer in beautiful Miami, outside of the heat and humidity of course, and the Miami Music Scene keeps getting hotter and hotter. I had the very good fortune of photographing Liza Quin in this month. If memory serves me correct, it had been at least six months (or more) since I captured her on camera. She is very special to me professionally. I attended my first Miami Flea during the month and the event featured the music of OIGO, Kids, Raquel Sofia and Aura the Band. Another highlight came when I photographed Cuban-born rapper El B as he did a show in Little Havana to promote his new album called "Luz". Other than that, enjoy the photos from August of this year.

Miami Flea





Anna Palmerola

At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami

At Bougies Bar

El B

Chantil Dukart

Carly Jo Jackson

Chase The Jaguar

At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami


Liza Quin