A Look Back on 2016: July

Featured Artists: Above The Skyline, Anna Palmerola, Bachaco, Carly Jo Jackson, Chantil Dukart, Chloe Dolandis, Feneiva, Jahfe, Juke, Ordinary Boys, Robbie Elias, Raquel Sofia, Sekond Nature, Suenalo, The Deltaz, and Uma Galera

The month of July was the busiest month for me in 2016 because of the number of artists I covered in Miami. There were three events where multiple artists performed respectively, and a tandem of brothers came back to Miami as part of their tour. There were new connections made with new artists and continued cultivating current ones. Enjoy the month of July!

It's Better Live

Robbie Elias

Raquel Sofia

Mau Y Ricky



BBQ at the Yard

Robby Hunter

Zach Deputy

Indie Music Showcase

Above The Skyline

Anna Palmerola

Carly Jo Jackson

At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami

At Titanic Brewery

At World of Beer - Kendall

Chantil Dukart

Chloe Dolandis


At Bodega

At Nikki Beach Miami



Ordinary Boys

Sekond Nature


The Deltaz

Uma Galera

A Look Back on 2016: June

Featured Artists: Anna Palmerola, Artofficial, Chantil Dukart, Chase the Jaguar, JT4, Locos Por Juana, Suenalo, Indie Music Showcase

We enter the summertime season in Miami where it’s always hot and healthy dash of humidity. Musically, the music scene continued to shine through and heat up with some amazing talent. During the month, I had gotten to meet a few new performers and artists who were at the beginning of their respective musical journey. But in the same month, I had the opportunity to be at the debut performance of a brand new band on the scene. While continued cultivating relationships by photographing repeated artists.

New Artists I Photographed


Right around the midpoint of June, I was invited to attend an event featuring independent artists who are looking to carve their mark in the music industry. The event was called the Indie Music Showcase hosted by World Standard Audio and the affair took place at Fusion Lounge in Hialeah, FL. Prior to the musical performances of the young upstarts, there was a Q&A session with three veteran panelists of the music industry. 

Each industry leader offered insight, sage advice and honesty about the how to succeed in the music industry. The quote of the night came from one of the judges who asked the question, paraphrasing, “Who do you want to speak to with your music? The people in your neighborhood or the world?” That question alone resonated with me even to this today, since I have taken that question and have applied to my photography. The simple question has become very motivating and inspiring to me.


I was recommended to see, hear and photograph Chantil Dukart approximately two months ago from Suenalo vocalist Mish Elle. She advised me to see Dukart’s performance and raved over her talent. Her words were right on point because when I finally caught Dukart performing at the Lilt Lounge in Brickell (a section of Miami), I was completely blown away. I’ve admitted this to Dukart herself and others, just how in love I am with her voice.

Vocally, she is mesmerizing and commands attention in a very alluring way. She is more of a finesse singer as oppose to a powerful, right in your face vocalist. Using a baseball reference, her vocals is similar to a pitcher throwing off-speed pitches (curveball, slider, screwball, etc) to strike out a batter. In comparison to a power pitcher throwing nothing but fastballs down the middle of the plate like Nolan Ryan or Randy Johnson. The beautiful thing about Dukart’s singing is the soulfulness she exudes when she does sing a song. From now until my dying day, I would pay good money to watch Dukart ANYWHERE in the world.


In late May I met for the first time the members of the band Chase the Jaguar. Approximately two weeks later, I was there in South Beach photographing the band’s first performance at the Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company. I was happy to be there and photographically document a band’s first steps in a city’s music scene. I have stated previously just how much I enjoy their music and love the sound they produce. I would have the pleasure of covering them several more times throughout the year.


JT4 stands for the Juan Turros 4, a jazz combo group led by saxophonist extraordinaire, Juan Turros. He’s mainly known for playing saxophone for Suenalo. However, the JT4 is his side project playing jazz music around South Florida at such places like Sunset Tavern and Jada Coles. Even though he and his combo are playing jazz, they don’t just play traditional jazz standards like “Night and Day” or “When Sunny Gets Blue”, etc. No, they’ll take a popular song like Britney Spears’Toxic” and jazz it up. His group does such a fantastic job with the arrangements to those recognizable pop songs. In addition, the musicians that support Turros doing those shows are some of the best of the best.

Repeated Artists I Photographed


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed photographing Miss Palmerola in 2016 because I’ve seen her improve time and time again. This go around, I had photographed her at World of Beer in Dadeland (a suburb of Miami) for an acoustic set of cover songs with guitarist Jay Orriols. Palmerola is such a dynamic singer and extremely versatile because if you have the chance to hear her sing jazz, you won’t be disappointed.


I first got the chance to cover Artofficial when they performed at the inaugural Ball and Chain Music Festival in 2015. What’s so impressive about the ensemble is the combined fusion of jazz, rap and hip-hop music. It had been close to a year since I last photographed the ensemble. This time around they were performing at Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern, aka Bougies Bar for short, in South Miami just minutes from the University of Miami. The group’s sound is funky, eclectic and very groovy. The crowd’s that attend their shows will indeed dance and groove along with the songs. Currently, Artofficial has a residence every Thursday night at Bougies Bar as part of the “Living Room Sessions”.


Shortly after the beginning of June, a block party was held at an abandoned parking lot in a section of Miami called Bayside. The block party was held just steps in front of the American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat play. The crowd that attended the affair saw both Suenalo and Locos Por Juana perform on stage. While at the party, there were food trucks, some vendors and air hockey tables for people to play. 

Right at the end of May, Suenalo had a farewell concert at Ball and Chain for its front man Amin De Jesus. But this was technically his last scheduled show with the group prior to moving to Los Angeles later in the month. Locos Por Juana took to the stage shortly thereafter Suenalo, they got the crowd dancing and were left begging for more


Locos Por Juana

A Look Back on 2016: April

Featured Artists: The Baboons, Cleaveland Jones, Polaroid, Third World, La Fiesta Loca and Wynwood Life Street Festival

It’s springtime in South Florida during the month of April and this article will feature the highlights of two different musical events, a Reggae legend, a Rock n’ Roll school as well as other talented bands. Right about this time, musical artists are starting to recognize me when I appear at their respective shows, which makes me happy. It clearly tells me that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. But more importantly, it’s getting me that much closer to my eventual goal: being the best photographer in the world. Even now as I’m writing this article, I couldn’t be happier doing what I love and cultivating my passion to being an important presence in the world and being there for people.

So let’s get to it and give it a go!

Wynwood Life Street Festival

One of the highlights of the month for me was attending the Wynwood Life Street Festival in the Wynwood Art District section of Miami. The festival was a three-day event but due to prior commitments I was only able to attend the final day. Either way, I was happy to be there. There were various art exhibits around the campus with a few focusing on street art. Also in attendance were a platoon of food trucks of different culinary cuisines and of course vendors galore. Outside from that, there were six musical acts on schedule for the final day.

The acts that performed on the last day were the Douglas Hirsch Group, Cleaveland Jones, Jahfe, Dangerflow, Bachaco and the headliner, Suenalo. What I loved most about this specific festival was the amount of access I had in photographing the musicians. Plus, not to mention, the lighting setup was top notch because all six acts were properly lit and the visual effects provided some cool scenes.







La Fiesta Loca

Throughout the year, there were two venues I frequently visited to photograph bands and they were Bodega Tequila y Taqueria (located in South Beach) and The Wynwood Yard (located in the heart of the Wynwood Art District). I rang in 2016 with Elastic Bond and I’ll be ending the year with Suenalo (I can’t wait for that show by the way) at The Yard. In April, Locos Por Juana hosted an event called La Fiesta Loca. The affair was a celebration of music and musicians coming together to play music. Locos Por Juana headlined the concert and opening up for them was Uma Galera, a Miami-based reggae band. What I loved most about this show was how the crowd in attendance were grooving to the music, especially the women. There’s a reason, in my opinion, that Reggae, Caribbean and Latin Music is often referred to as “baby-makin’ music”. It definitely puts you into a mood.




When I’m not photographing bands, I photograph families, senior portraits as well as personal/professional headshots for those who need them. A dear client of mine had hired me to photograph her business which is attending parties dressed as different Disney Princesses. This particular day I was in the city of Weston, approximately 35 – 40 minutes northwest of Miami, at a local park. While I was photographing kids next to Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast), there were a group of kids from the West Broward chapter of the School of Rock. Let me just say I was totally blown away at the musicianship these kids have. The musicians would rotate between instruments and you would hear a loud pop of appreciation from their respective families and bystanders.

The Baboons and Third World

I returned once again to the North Beach Bandshell to photograph The Baboons and Reggae legend Third World. The Baboons were celebrating the release of their third album called “Spanglish”. If I may be honest for a moment, it’s their best album to date. The band had a concert to commemorate the release and a great deal of fans arrived to celebrate the occasion. Following the show, their fans got together with the group to pose for pictures. 

The affair at the Bandshell was part of the “A Day at the Beach” concert series and that evening’s main headlining band was Third World. The legendary Reggae band rocked the venue for well over an hour playing a variety of classic songs like “Now That We Found Love” and “1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade)” just to name a few. I found it interesting just how much Third World had positively affected their fanbase. Manuel Pila (drummer for The Baboons) had told me before Third World took the stage that early on in his relationship with Majica (his current wife and The Baboons lead vocalist), the two of them saw Third World in concert. Also in attendance was percussionist Milton Ponce from Uma Galera. He told me that Third World was one of his musical influences and being there to see his idols perform was inspiring.